I’m Christina. I live in San Francisco with my husband, our twin boys, and our new cat, Hillary Kitten. I've taken a short (almost two year) break from this blog and now I think I'm back. We'll see. I had sort of lost interest in the way that I was using the blog before and I ended up taking an unintentional hiatus. I suppose that what became most tiresome, and what seems to be a common affliction of the times that we find ourselves living in, was the self imposed pressure to curate seemingly perfect scenes. That’s not real. For anybody. And it becomes boring and fake. For everybody. During the hiatus, I took a class to brush up on my writing skills and a new passion (perhaps not necessarily new, but at least renewed) was ignited. Since then I’ve felt a fairly continuous compulsion toward writing, and, so,  I’ve decided to start up the blog in a new way. There may, in this blog, be writings about Flowers and about Love, but also about Other because, you know, it leaves my options open. Thanks for checking in.


(photo above by annie vanacore)

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