Saturday, July 12, 2014

lovely words

sensei ogui

wishing you a peaceful and reflective saturday.

xo, c

Thursday, July 3, 2014

fashioned flowers

jeans & t-shirt

i haven't done one of these "outfit inspired" floral posts in a long time because it's just too hard to take the outfit photos by myself.  but my talented friend nancy offered to help me out with the photos this time and we had great time.

this is such a basic outfit (just jeans and a t-shirt + these shoes and a vintage levi's belt that i've had forever) but sometimes those are the best kind.  i thought that it would be fun to create an arrangement based on something so simple.

jeans + tshirt inspired floral

this is the interpretation that i came up with.  hydrangeas are one of the few flowers that come in blue, and i really do like them, so i used those.  i also used two slightly different shades of creamy white roses and then some japanese maple branches clipped from my garden.  i put a simple little "belt" around the the vase and that was it.  simple, pretty, no nonsense.


i'm looking forward this holiday weekend to wearing some variation of this basic blue jean outfit to celebrate our nation's birthday - blue jeans always seem so american to me :-)

happy 4th of july weekend!

xo, c

Thursday, June 26, 2014

floral snapshot

hydrangea & roses

what ~ flowers for a project that I'm working on this week - hydrangea, roses and japanese maple branches (snipped from my yard).

where ~ on my work table.

when ~ yesterday morning.

why ~  because even though i've been super busy with non-blog related stuff, i really do find this place to be a great creative outlet so i WILL MAKE TIME to work on these projects.

have a fabulous and productive day!

xo, c

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

floral snapshot: flowers of golden gate park + i've been m.i.a.

pom pom dahlia

hey there!  long time no blog.  i haven't been around on the blog for a couple of weeks due to 1) furiously trying to get our house ready to put on the market and 2) lots of celebrating for my little sister's wedding!!.  all great things, but there hasn't been much time for things like blogging.  

i'm finally getting around to posting this floral snapshot that i took last week.

what ~ a beautiful marbled dahlia - i couldn't tell what the variety was but i think that it's a pom pom type.

where ~ the dahlia garden in golden gate park.

when ~ one day last week after my morning walk.

why ~ because although the dahlia garden is far from being in it's full glory (that will happen in late august/september) i spotted some lovelies, including the one above.  i'm sure that i'll be snapping some more of these beauties as the summer progresses and the garden reaches it's peak.  it's a pretty stunning spectacle when it's in full bloom, for sure.

xo, c

Friday, May 30, 2014

picnic at dolores park

marco & mom 1

a few weekends ago (on mother's day) my husband planned a little picnic at dolores park.  it was a perfect day - the sun was shining, the husband had packed all of my favorite picnic-y foods, the boys were in good moods and the people watching was as good as always.  i exclaimed that day that i could pretty much do that exact same thing every weekend and be perfectly happy…and i meant it.

here are a few photos from an A++ day.

picnicluhilldante 1housesmom & boysmarco 1

the playground at dolores park is top notch, with lots of cool structures and other fun stuff, so the boys always have a blast.

dantemarco 2marco & mommarco

the next few weekends are BUSY, so there is no leisurely picnicking in my near future, but i'm hoping to replicate this day sometime very soon.

wishing you a great weekend!

xo, c

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

floral snapshot


what ~ a succulent called aeonium.

where ~ in a very good friend's back yard.

when ~ earlier today.

why ~ because today i had the best time babysitting my friend's 4 month old daughter, and her and i spent some time hanging out in her backyard.  my friend has a fun and eclectic yard with lots of succulents - which are a favorite of hers.  this one was especially lovely.

hope it's been a happy day.

xo, c

Friday, May 23, 2014

DIY ombre ribbon backdrop

backdrop & table 2

when i was designing my sister's bridal shower (which i posted on here last week) there was a painting at the venue that i had hoped to obscure.  originally the dessert & favor table was to be in front of said painting and it just didn't go with what i had in mind.  i decided to create a ribbon backdrop to cover it up.  in the end the table was moved to a different location and i didn't end up using the backdrop but i thought that i'd share it as DIY, as it was super easy and i was pretty happy with the result.


i used three different colors and sizes of ribbon for the backdrop in an ombre type of color scheme (white, light pink & dark pink), plus a black ribbon to attach the streamer ribbons to.  i used two streamers of each color of ribbon and kept repeating the pattern.  i wanted the width of the backdrop to be around 5 feet so i calculated how many streamers of each i would need based on the width of each color of ribbon (e.g. two streamers of each of the colors of ribbon = 9 inches.  60 inches / 9 inches = around 7 sets of each color).  you can cut the streamers to whatever length you need based on what you're using it for.

cut ribbons

first, i cut all of the lengths of ribbon that i would need.

gule ribbon

then i began adding the streamers to the black ribbon and securing them with zots  - do you know about these??  they're awesome.  they come in different sizes and are so much easier to work with than a glue gun.  i used two dots for the wider ribbons and one for the thinner.  i put the dots at the top of the ribbon and then folded it over and stuck it to the other side.

conitnue gluing ribbon
ombre pattern

i continued adding the streamers, repeating the ombre pattern.

backdrop & table

and here it is.  i think it would work well as a backdrop for a dessert table (like above), a photo booth or even for a wedding ceremony - especially outdoors, tied between two trees or posts.


and, on a floral note, i foraged these pretty blooms from the hillside near our carport.  they're valerian and they have such a lovely sweet smell.  

have a happy and healthy memorial day weekend.

xo, c