Friday, April 18, 2014

happy easter weekend + see you in a bit

easter 2

the boys and i colored easter eggs together this morning for the first time.  it wasn't exactly the festive and happy occasion that i had envisioned.  it was very messy and, after an argument ensued over who's egg was who's,  it ended in tears.  i suppose that i may have had unrealistic expectations of two 4 1/2 year olds neatly and calmly coloring easter eggs.  nonetheless, we got it done and we are set for this weekend.

the boys are on spring break this week and next so i've decided to take a little blog vacation to focus on hanging out with my little guys and possibly making a few changes/additions to the blog that i never seem to get a chance to get around to - again, probably unrealistic expectations but, you know, wishful thinking.

i had hoped to do a easter flower post this year but it didn't happen.  i did do one last year however.  in fact it was one of my very first blog posts - you can check it out here.

i hope that you have some good eastery fun planned for this weekend.  we're planning on going to the sausalito easter egg hunt on saturday and then checking out the union street easter parade in sf.  so i think that we will have had our share of easter fun by the time it's all done.

have a great weekend and an awesome week.

xo, c

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

floral snapshot

pink carnations

what ~ leftover flowers from the arrangements that i did for my baby sister's bridal shower last weekend, including these pretty pink carnations.

where ~ on my work table.

when ~ a few minutes ago.

why ~ because although carnations get a bad rap, i think that they have some great qualities.  first of all, they have a lovely peony-esque look (always a good thing), second, they smell really good, and third, they're inexpensive so you can use them abundantly in arrangements without breaking the bank - which definitely cannot be said about the beloved peony.

stay tuned for a carnation post soon…

xo, c

simple DIY flowers: succulent boutonniere

succulent boutonniere

i was a little silent last week (i was preparing for a very special bridal shower that took place this past weekend - look for the post in the next few weeks!).  but i'm back and continuing on with the simple wedding flowers series.  this time i decided to put together a super easy boutonniere.  i like boutonnieres that are clean looking and not too froufrou and i think that the guys appreciate this too.  i love the architectural look of succulents and they're great as cut plant material because they last a really long time.

succulent boutonniere materials

for this boutonniere i used only the three little bits above:  one piece of a succulent called echeveria elegance, one tiny fern frond (i removed most of the bottom leaves from the stem) and one little feather.

succulent prep

i prepared the succulent by 1) trimming the stem to about 1/2"  2) then sticking a 22 gauge floral wire through the remaining piece of stem 3) and folding it down on either side.  4) i then wrapped the stem and the wire with floral tape.

put together boutonniere

i put the fern and the feather together and placed the succulent on top...

wrap & cut boutonniere

...then wrapped the whole thing with the tape and trimmed it to around 3 inches.

ribbon on boutonniere

then came the ribbon.  i started at the bottom and wrapped the whole thing, covering all of the tape.  when i got to the top i left a little length of ribbon (about 4 inches) and then made a loop and put the loose end of the ribbon through it, pulling it tight.

completed succulent boutonniere 1

when i was done i cut a little dove tail in the ribbon.  that's it!

completed boutonniere 2

a handsome and simple boutonniere for a handsome (and hopefully not too simple) groom.  

happy wedding season!

xo, c

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

floral snapshot

california poppy

what ~ a california poppy (and my little man, D).

where ~ on the grounds of the historic estate, filoli, in woodside, ca.

when ~ a few sundays ago, before a private tour of the formal gardens (lookout for a post about our tour soon!).

why ~ because the poppies are abloom all over these parts right now AND because even though my little guy wasn't really suppose to pick the flowers (at least it wasn't in the formal garden…) he loves giving them to his mama whenever he gets the chance, which always warms my heart.

xo, c

Friday, April 4, 2014

cool vases: cb2 arm band vases

vases with flowers

as i was browsing through the cb2 catalogue the other day i was drawn to these brass and copper vases - i love the color, and there's a richness to them that appeals to me.  after looking them up online i find them to be even more interesting and "cool".  the description includes the following: "inspired by the coiled metal arm bands worn by the women of Rajasthan, India, these gleaming brass and copper wire vases reflect a cultural tradition.  In this region the quality and abundance of jewelry adorning the women from head to toe is indicative of a family's social status."  i can totally imagine the women and those arm bands when i look at these vases.


these vases are part of CB2 Edition LMTD which are original works that are offered only once in limited amounts.  the vases come in two sizes and i think that they'd look great with a variety of different flowers.  PLUS they come with an interesting story about the designer's inspiration.  check them out here.

xo, c

(images from the cb2 website)

Thursday, April 3, 2014