Friday, October 4, 2013

a few awesome things...

awesome things 11

on sunday i'm headed to the hardly strictly blue grass festival in golden gate park. it will be my first time going, and i'm pretty excited!  since daddy has plans, it will just be me and the boys.  but, there will be LOTS of aunties and unks, so the little dudes will be in heaven.  i can't wait to hang out with good friends, listen to great music, and enjoy, what is arguably, the best time of year in sf.

some things that caught my attention this week...

~ this cool post about this "garden whisperer" in l.a.

~ if you're into flowers, this magazine will be up your alley.  i'm subscribing. 

~ this french wedding blog is SO pretty and is yet another reason that i must learn the french language a.s.a.p.

i hope that you're getting out and doing something fun this weekend...or staying in and doing nothing, whatever will float your boat :-)

xo, c

(photo via tumblr)

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