Wednesday, February 26, 2014

simple DIY flowers: multiple vessel flower display

multiple vessel flower display

one of the simplest ways to display flowers is by plopping a few blooms in a selection of vessels that are grouped together.  most of the work happens up front, in finding a group of vessels that will look good together.


for this display i used a selection of white vases from west elm and ikea.  but there are lots of options for this type of display, and, as always on f + l, i encourage you to put your own spin on things.  vintage or recycled glass bottles would look great used in this way - you can find nice ones on places like etsy or luna bazaar).  but, really, the possibilities are endless.  the only suggestion that i would make is to find vases/vessels with small openings so that you only have to use 1 - 3 blooms in each.  this is mostly to keep it simple and quick, but i also think that it's a lovely way to spotlight the individual flowers.  the other thing to possibly think about is sticking with either similar color vases or flowers so that things don't get too busy - i chose vases in all white tones but used flowers in red and yellow shades.  other than that, have at it.

here's what i did:

IMG_2393 IMG_2400

i found these bee-you-tee-full flaming parrot tulips and they inspired the red and yellow color scheme (bummer they weren't quite open).

  parrot tulipsIMG_2394

i thought that the yellow daylilies and red hypericum berries complimented the pretty tulips nicely.

yellow daylily hypericum berry

this type of display would be lovely on a dresser or entryway table (as in the first picture, at the top of the page) or on a dining table (below).


having a collection of vases like these at the ready is a pretty, quick and SIMPLE way to display your blooms.

xo, c

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