Thursday, March 20, 2014

flowers + love turns one!


today, on this first day of spring, this little blog is one year old (this was my first post!).  this first year has been about testing the waters, improving certain skills and generally figuring out how this whole thing works.  it's been a time to consider things such as the following:  what works and what doesn't, what topics i'm interested enough in to continue to post about on a regular basis, and IF i even would be able to carve out the time to continue to post on anything - this one can be hard and something i'm still trying to figure out.  blogging this past year has been a great learning experience and something that i've come to really enjoy.  but mostly it's been a first step in transitioning into a new phase in my life.  i've stayed home with my kiddos for the first four years of their lives and next fall they'll be in kindergarten, and i finally feel ready to take on a bit more non-kid related stuff.  i'm not exactly sure what's next but i have some ideas and that's fun.  i posted this quote earlier today and it got me thinking about what it is that i am.  i know that i'm a mom and a wife, but what else do i repeatedly do?  and then i thought about this blog.  i'm certainly not a full-time blogger at this point, but i've managed to repeatedly stick to the blogging this past year so, well, maybe i'm a blogger as well?!  anyhoo, thanks for your interest and here's to another year of flowers and other lovely things.

xo, c

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