Tuesday, April 15, 2014

simple DIY flowers: succulent boutonniere

succulent boutonniere

i was a little silent last week (i was preparing for a very special bridal shower that took place this past weekend - look for the post in the next few weeks!).  but i'm back and continuing on with the simple wedding flowers series.  this time i decided to put together a super easy boutonniere.  i like boutonnieres that are clean looking and not too froufrou and i think that the guys appreciate this too.  i love the architectural look of succulents and they're great as cut plant material because they last a really long time.

succulent boutonniere materials

for this boutonniere i used only the three little bits above:  one piece of a succulent called echeveria elegance, one tiny fern frond (i removed most of the bottom leaves from the stem) and one little feather.

succulent prep

i prepared the succulent by 1) trimming the stem to about 1/2"  2) then sticking a 22 gauge floral wire through the remaining piece of stem 3) and folding it down on either side.  4) i then wrapped the stem and the wire with floral tape.

put together boutonniere

i put the fern and the feather together and placed the succulent on top...

wrap & cut boutonniere

...then wrapped the whole thing with the tape and trimmed it to around 3 inches.

ribbon on boutonniere

then came the ribbon.  i started at the bottom and wrapped the whole thing, covering all of the tape.  when i got to the top i left a little length of ribbon (about 4 inches) and then made a loop and put the loose end of the ribbon through it, pulling it tight.

completed succulent boutonniere 1

when i was done i cut a little dove tail in the ribbon.  that's it!

completed boutonniere 2

a handsome and simple boutonniere for a handsome (and hopefully not too simple) groom.  

happy wedding season!

xo, c

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