Friday, May 23, 2014

DIY ombre ribbon backdrop

backdrop & table 2

when i was designing my sister's bridal shower (which i posted on here last week) there was a painting at the venue that i had hoped to obscure.  originally the dessert & favor table was to be in front of said painting and it just didn't go with what i had in mind.  i decided to create a ribbon backdrop to cover it up.  in the end the table was moved to a different location and i didn't end up using the backdrop but i thought that i'd share it as DIY, as it was super easy and i was pretty happy with the result.


i used three different colors and sizes of ribbon for the backdrop in an ombre type of color scheme (white, light pink & dark pink), plus a black ribbon to attach the streamer ribbons to.  i used two streamers of each color of ribbon and kept repeating the pattern.  i wanted the width of the backdrop to be around 5 feet so i calculated how many streamers of each i would need based on the width of each color of ribbon (e.g. two streamers of each of the colors of ribbon = 9 inches.  60 inches / 9 inches = around 7 sets of each color).  you can cut the streamers to whatever length you need based on what you're using it for.

cut ribbons

first, i cut all of the lengths of ribbon that i would need.

gule ribbon

then i began adding the streamers to the black ribbon and securing them with zots  - do you know about these??  they're awesome.  they come in different sizes and are so much easier to work with than a glue gun.  i used two dots for the wider ribbons and one for the thinner.  i put the dots at the top of the ribbon and then folded it over and stuck it to the other side.

conitnue gluing ribbon
ombre pattern

i continued adding the streamers, repeating the ombre pattern.

backdrop & table

and here it is.  i think it would work well as a backdrop for a dessert table (like above), a photo booth or even for a wedding ceremony - especially outdoors, tied between two trees or posts.


and, on a floral note, i foraged these pretty blooms from the hillside near our carport.  they're valerian and they have such a lovely sweet smell.  

have a happy and healthy memorial day weekend.

xo, c

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