Friday, May 30, 2014

picnic at dolores park

marco & mom 1

a few weekends ago (on mother's day) my husband planned a little picnic at dolores park.  it was a perfect day - the sun was shining, the husband had packed all of my favorite picnic-y foods, the boys were in good moods and the people watching was as good as always.  i exclaimed that day that i could pretty much do that exact same thing every weekend and be perfectly happy…and i meant it.

here are a few photos from an A++ day.

picnicluhilldante 1housesmom & boysmarco 1

the playground at dolores park is top notch, with lots of cool structures and other fun stuff, so the boys always have a blast.

dantemarco 2marco & mommarco

the next few weekends are BUSY, so there is no leisurely picnicking in my near future, but i'm hoping to replicate this day sometime very soon.

wishing you a great weekend!

xo, c

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