Tuesday, June 17, 2014

floral snapshot: flowers of golden gate park + i've been m.i.a.

pom pom dahlia

hey there!  long time no blog.  i haven't been around on the blog for a couple of weeks due to 1) furiously trying to get our house ready to put on the market and 2) lots of celebrating for my little sister's wedding!!.  all great things, but there hasn't been much time for things like blogging.  

i'm finally getting around to posting this floral snapshot that i took last week.

what ~ a beautiful marbled dahlia - i couldn't tell what the variety was but i think that it's a pom pom type.

where ~ the dahlia garden in golden gate park.

when ~ one day last week after my morning walk.

why ~ because although the dahlia garden is far from being in it's full glory (that will happen in late august/september) i spotted some lovelies, including the one above.  i'm sure that i'll be snapping some more of these beauties as the summer progresses and the garden reaches it's peak.  it's a pretty stunning spectacle when it's in full bloom, for sure.

xo, c

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  1. I love walking and seeing flowers in my neighborhood, great photos!