Sunday, March 24, 2013

simple DIY flowers: potted easter table flowers


recently a friend asked me for an idea for her easter table.  she said that she would be working the entire week prior to easter sunday (even saturday!) and that she needed something easy that she could do with flowers from the grocery store.  she also was hoping to set her table a few days early.  being that easter is this sunday, there are currently tons of great potted spring flowers at most grocery and drug stores, so i decided to put together a look with some of these bright beauties.


i found these plants at trader joe's and they include mini daffodils, tulips and hyacinth (which smells heavenly).  but with easter coming you should be able to find a variety of other potted spring flowers that would work as well.


i pulled together some things that i would use for table. i had these ceramic pots from ikea, and picked up some spanish moss and some stones from the craft section of my local dollar store.  you can use any pots that you have - a selection of terra-cotta pots would work.


first i cleaned up the plants by trimming off the dead or yellow leaves, broken stems, etc.


because these pots are waterproof and don't drain,  i then put a few stones in the bottom so that the plants wouldn't be sitting in the water that collects at the bottom when i water them.  if you use terra-cotta pots, or something with a hole in the bottom, you'll probably want to use a plastic liner at the bottom of the pot, or something else to catch the water.


i then filled the tops of the containers with the spanish moss and "fluffed" it up.


and voila!  super easy flowers for an easter table, that can be set days before and will last for awhile after.


xo, c

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