Monday, May 20, 2013

simple DIY flowers: footed bowl arrangement with peonies


i love a low, compact arrangement. they're great for dining tables, or anywhere that you don't want to block the view. these arrangements work well in a large, shallow bowl, and i especially love the look of a footed bowl.


i found this silver plated one at a vintage store, and you can find similar ones on ebay or etsy, but any footed bowl will work.  other than the bowl, pretty much all you really need is some clippers and some clear waterproof tape.  since it's peony season (my favorite time of year!) i decided to use these gorgeous semi-double peonies, but you could also use hydrangeas or another type of flower with a rounded shape.

silver bowl

i started by making a grid on the top of the bowl.  i kept mine pretty tight, like about 1/2 inch squares.  then i filled the bowl, about 3/4 full, with a watering can.


i removed most of the leaves from the flowers, just leaving the ones at the very tops of the stems.

cut flowers

i cut the stems of the flowers so that they were just long enough to lay on the rim of the bowl.

 i made a ring of flowers around the edge of the bowl first, then filled in the middle.

finished flowers

and there you have it!  a great and easy way to display your flowers on a dining table, coffee table, etc.



xo, c


  1. Hi Christina! Peonies are one of my faves too. How beautiful and simple. I love that classic blue china too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks very much, Naree, for the kind comment :-)