Friday, September 6, 2013

a wander through central park


when i was in new york last month i decided to take a basically aimless jaunt around central park.  as i walked through that infamous place and checked out how people used the space, i realized the absolute necessity for plants and flowers and green and, i guess, nature in an urban setting.  and, in particular, the significance of central park in that big, wonderful, high-energy center of the universe that is manhattan.  i came across a map while i was walking around, and saw an area called the conservatory garden, which sounded interesting, so i thought that i'd make the somewhat long trek to the north end of the park to check it out.  and i was glad that i did - it's really a little gem in that great park.  all manicured hedges and pretty blooms and a true oasis amongst the hustle and bustle.  i had planned to stop into the guggenheim after.  but, by the time i got back there, honestly, i was sort of too tired and, after pretty much walking the length of the park and back, my feet hurt and i decided to skip it and take a cab back to my hotel.  but the fatigue and sore feet were worth it, it was a really lovely respite from the go-go-go'ness of the rest of my trip. 

flowers & under the treeIMG_9912
ice cream & benches
buildings & tree
flower & fountain
lily pond

xo, c

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