Saturday, November 30, 2013

a few awesome things...

awesome things 19

we had a lovely thanksgiving at my little sister's again this year - she always does such a great job.  my only charge, for the last couple of years, is to do the green beans (a family recipe).  but this year i had a couple of packs of fresh cranberries from our weekly organic fruit and veggie box, so i decided to do a little raw relish as well.  i did a modified version of this martha stewart recipe (i added grapes and subtracted walnuts) and it turned out pretty good (photo above).  although my son said that it needed more sugar, but i suppose that's to be expected from a four year old ;-)

a few links...

~  these airplant designs are SO totally awesome!

~  i'm loving this pretty and unfussy holiday table.

~  these photos, by ann street studio, of central park in the fall are gorgeous!  and remind me of the photos that i took this summer - though mine are NOwhere near as beautiful.

i hope that you're having a wonderful holiday weekend!

xo, c

(photo from my instagram)

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