Thursday, November 14, 2013

simple DIY flowers: dried craspedia bowl arrangement

dried craspedia bowl

as much as i am obviously a big proponent of fresh flowers, it can be nice to have some arrangements around that are longer lasting (especially this time of year).  i've been experimenting with some dried botanicals lately and i like using types that look similar to their fresh versions.  one of the dried florals that i like are craspedia (billy balls).  dried craspedia retain their shape and their bright yellow color really well and are easy to work with.  i purchased these online but you may be able to find some at your local craft store.  another option that would work well is blue globe thistle.  i'm a big fan of arranging flowers in bowls and this arrangement would be great on a coffee table (where i put mine) or a bedside table.  

materialsfoam & moss

i found this small acacia wood bowl at jamali garden - which is a great resource.  but you could use any small bowl that you'd like.  first i glue gunned a dry foam half ball (there are different sizes depending on the size of your bowl) to the bowl.  then i stuffed a bit of spanish moss around the sides of the half ball to fill in the gap.

craspedia ring

next, i trimmed the flowers and made a ring around the edge of the bowl.

craspedia fill in

i then filled in the center with more spanish moss and continued making rings of flowers (keeping them as tight as possible) until i had filled in the entire arrangement.  


and that was it.  quick, easy, and long-lasting.  try her out!

xo, c

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