Saturday, November 9, 2013

a few awesome things...

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hi there,

so, fall is in full swing now, as evidenced by the gorgeous bright red color that my japanese maple (above) has turned.  it's become (sort of) chilly out, and i'm starting to think about holiday decorating and gift giving - i really am a sap when it comes to this time of year.  

the husband is back after 10 days in australia, so we're pretty excited to spend a relaxing weekend with him.  i hope that you're doing something relaxing/fun/exciting this weekend.

some links...

~ i thought that this tablescape, done with paper flowers, was lovely.

~ this wedding (and the way that they met) was one of the sweetest, most romantic stories that i've heard in awhile.

~ i liked these moody photos of dead flowers - i personally think that dead flowers are better than no flowers :-)

happy saturday!

xo, c

(photo taken with my iPhone)

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