Saturday, November 2, 2013

a few awesome things...

awesome things 15

well, i'm doing this on saturday, i guess it's a thing now.  

i'm looking forward to working on some new projects over the next few weeks, including doing some cool things with these great dried flowers (above).  

some links...

~ i'm interested to check out this floral book. it sounds similar to the idea that i have for the "simple flowers" part of this blog, in terms of arranging ideas for the non-professional, so i'm curious to see how they treat the subject.

~ gwyneth has sort of been getting a lot of flak lately, but i actually like her goop online magazine and usually find a few things that i'm glad to find out about.  like, in this week's edition  there was a piece on  oyster hopping in west marin, plus another on some of the best vintage shops.  i thought that both of the pieces were interesting and informative.  so...give the girl a break :-)

~  i love the way these flowers are arranged and am thinking of doing something with a similar feel for a baby shower that i'm doing.

happy saturday!

xo, c

(photo from my instagram)

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