Sunday, December 8, 2013

a few awesome things...

awesome things 20

it's been a busy weekend and i'm just getting around to this post...on sunday night.  oh well, such is life during the holidays.  speaking of the holidays, we got our tree last weekend (a tall skinny silver tip that's exactly what i was looking for!) but, aside from the lights, i have yet to decorate it.  tomorrow is the day and i'm excited use my new felt ball garland from etsy (above).  i'm loving all of the colors and, actually, i even ended up using it for a very special baby shower that i styled today.  anyhoo, i hope the holiday season has been merry and bright for you thus far :-)  

a few links...

~ my birthday was on thursday, and one of my best girlfriends gave me the kinfolk table book - i'm obsessed.  the photography is gorgeous (as it always is with the magazine and website) and i love reading about all of the interesting people and their recipes.

~ this dark chocolate pomegranate bark looks delicious and since i'm not much of a baker it's right up my alley.

~ fresh flower gift tags??  yes, please!

xo, c

(photo from my instagram)


  1. Happy belated birthday Christina! I hope you had amazing day. xx

  2. Oops! I meant an amazing day. :)