Monday, December 16, 2013

simple DIY flowers: simple holiday wreath

IMG_1338 copy

this year i decided that i wanted something other that the ordinary evergreen wreath for my front door.  i decided to make my own, but i wanted something simple and quick.  i chose an already constructed grapevine wreath (which is really inexpensive) and then added a some greenery (cypress and silver dollar eucalyptus) and some color (craspedia, thistle and pepperberry).  the cool thing about the grapevine wreaths is that you can you just shove the plant material into the vines instead of having to wire it in.  some of the materials that i used were dried (craspedia and pepperberry) and others were fresh but i knew that that they would look nice when dried (cypress, thistle, eucalyptus).  


i added the greens first.


then i sprinkled in the berries and flowers.


i chose to just cover the top half of the wreath because i liked the look of the bare vines on the bottom.  then i tied a fuchsia ribbon on top to hang it from.  you really could use any dried greenery and flowers (or fresh that will look good dried), as long as the stems are strong enough to push into the vines.  

and that was it - a quick, easy and unique option for the front door (or anywhere) :-) 



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