Tuesday, December 24, 2013

a few awesome things...

at no time of year is the idea behind this blog more apropos than during the holidays.  taking the time to put a little extra love into the gifts that we give and the attitudes that we have toward others makes such a difference.  even just putting a little extra effort into wrapping a gift (no matter if it's small or inexpensive) shows someone that you care - a pretty ribbon in their favorite color, a flower added to your wrap, anything that shows that you thought it through and took the time to do something special for that person.  and, probably the best gift that we can give at this time of year, when things can get hectic and sometimes stressful, is to show our love in ways that aren't material.  i can attest to the fact that this can sometimes be easier said than done :-)

i missed last week's awesome things post, and have decided that i'm going to do them occasionally (instead of every week) moving forward, to allow for more time for other types of posts.

a few links...

~ i recently found the blog eye swoon and have spent quite a bit of time on there since - it's pretty awesome.  recently, bazaar featured athena calderone's (who writes the blog) holiday table setting and it's really lovely.

~  the deadline for this floral design challenge has passed, but i love the idea behind it.  lately i've been interested in the idea of foraging for materials for arrangements - there are so many cool things that you can find if you keep your eyes open, and this challenge was to find everything for a winter arrangement within a mile of your home.  just don't start pruning things from your neighbor's garden without asking first ;-)

~ and, if you need a few ideas for original ways to wrap those gifts, there are some nice ones here.

i'm signing off for a couple of weeks during the holidays, but i'm sure that i will be on instagram here and there.

i hope that the holidays are happy and bright for you all, and that there is lots of LOVE!!

xo, c

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