Thursday, January 23, 2014

simple DIY (foraged) flowers: winter woodland arrangement

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i've been intrigued lately by the idea of using foraged materials in arrangements (i talked a bit about it here).  laws for foraging on public lands vary widely (it seems that it's generally not allowed), but consider what you might have available to you in your own yard.  or maybe you have a neighbor who would be willing to give you permission to snip a few branches or blooms.  it really makes you see your surroundings differently - everything is a possible candidate for an arrangement.  

we happen to live on a very steep hillside that we rarely step foot on (it's that steep).  but the other day i was down there rounding up a collection of toys that my boys had tossed over our deck and i noticed several things that would be lovely for an arrangement.  so, snip, snip, snip i went.


i found this lovely toyon (california holly).


then a bit of california bay laurel and some fern fronds for greenery.


and, lastly, some pretty lichen and moss covered oak branches.  i began by placing the branches in the vase.


then i added a few branches of the toyon.

woodland greens 2

and, then, the bay branches and fern fronds.


and, finito!  the inspiration for this arrangement came to me on a hike that we took in muir woods a couple of weeks ago.  it was so beautiful and i realized that i had many of the same plants growing on my hillside.  but find your own inspiration and use what you have available to you.  you could also combine foraged materials with store bought items.  

happy foraging!

xo, c

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