Friday, August 16, 2013

a few awesome things...

awesome things 6


i'm headed to nyc on sunday, to brush up on some basics at flower school new york, plus a couple of extra days of museum hopping and general city browsing.  this mom is excited to have some solo time, but will definitely miss the big guy and the two little guys, tons.  here are a some links that you may feel like checking out...

...i recently stumbled upon luisa brimble's photography blog, and spent a good chunk of time looking through her gorgeous images

...i've often thought that i'd like to "redo" my wedding dress, to wear on another occasion (as opposed to it just sitting in the "museum quality" preservation box - whatever the heck that is?!?), but i don't think that i could actually do it.  this article echoes that sentiment perfectly

...a couple of months ago, i learned some great photo styling tips from the girls at confetti pop, and have had that subject on the brain, so this article in rue magazine caught my eye

...we're driving down to la next month, for a friends 40th birthday, and we wanted to stop on the way , to stay for a night in big sur.  i was searching around for a cool alternative to the pricey ventana or post ranch inn, and found this place, which looks awesome.  have any of you stayed here before?

have a great friday, and a fabulous weekend!

xo, c

(photo credit: rue magazine)

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