Tuesday, April 29, 2014

floral snapshot: flowers of golden gate park + i'm back

rhododendron blossoms

hi there, i'm back after a little week long break.  easter was nice and it was fun hanging out with the little dudes but i think that we were all sort of ready to get back to the regular routine.  i had hoped to be able to make a few changes to the blog during the break, and i did get a chance to do a couple of things (notice the new social media buttons and categories on the right), but, as expected, i couldn't get to everything.  there's always another day.

one thing that i was definitely happy to get back to were the morning walks (and occasionally a jog sort of thing) that i began recently in golden gate park.  it's a great way to start the day and there's lots of stuff to look at along the way, which keeps it interesting.  of special interest to me (obviously) are the pretty flowers on display and tucked into nooks and crannies of that dear park.  lots of things start to be in bloom at this time of year and being able to check it all out along the way keeps me going.  in fact, it's inspired me to start a special series of floral snapshots: flowers of golden gate park.  i feel like this is a win-win because in addition to providing a plethora of photo ops it also motivates me to keep my butt moving (something that i have found challenging in the past, for sure).  if these golden gate park flower posts drop off you'll know that i've folded and have not stuck to the plan (more motivation).  so here you go, the first installment in this here series.

what ~ a carpet of rhododendron blossoms.

where ~ gg park, near lindley meadow.

when ~ this morning.

why ~ because i spotted the whole scene yesterday on my walk and it was so striking that i had to go back and snap some shots - huge rhododendron bushes with a sea of pink underneath.  so lovely.

xo, c

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