Friday, April 18, 2014

happy easter weekend + see you in a bit

easter 2

the boys and i colored easter eggs together this morning for the first time.  it wasn't exactly the festive and happy occasion that i had envisioned.  it was very messy and, after an argument ensued over who's egg was who's,  it ended in tears.  i suppose that i may have had unrealistic expectations of two 4 1/2 year olds neatly and calmly coloring easter eggs.  nonetheless, we got it done and we are set for this weekend.

the boys are on spring break this week and next so i've decided to take a little blog vacation to focus on hanging out with my little guys and possibly making a few changes/additions to the blog that i never seem to get a chance to get around to - again, probably unrealistic expectations but, you know, wishful thinking.

i had hoped to do a easter flower post this year but it didn't happen.  i did do one last year however.  in fact it was one of my very first blog posts - you can check it out here.

i hope that you have some good eastery fun planned for this weekend.  we're planning on going to the sausalito easter egg hunt on saturday and then checking out the union street easter parade in sf.  so i think that we will have had our share of easter fun by the time it's all done.

have a great weekend and an awesome week.

xo, c

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